Legendary Lands

The quality of the land in the region of Merlerault, in the heart of Normandy’s Orne department, is near legendary. The climate and the environment factored into building this reputation, as did its rich soil and the quality of its water sources. In this ideal setting, over 375 acres of land, known for their long legacy of breeding trotting racehorses, Elevage Delo found its nest, on the site of Haras des Authieux.

Le Haras des Authieux achieved excellence on many levels: geographic, geologic, architectural ; through its production as well. Generations after generation, it made its mark breeding famous horses, for various disciplines, all sharing common traits: the quality of their model and exceptional temperament, contributing to their on-track performance.



Since Elodie Mangeard de Barros took over the management of the farm, she has been determined to restaure, expand and modernize it, while staying aligned with its historical legacy.

The breeding unit consists of fifty stalls, with half a dozen staff working on a daily basis. Besides the herd of salers cows, crucial to sustainable grassland rotations, the breeding unit is home to trotting broodmares and their offsprings, whose names bear the « Delo » seal, in other words… Elodie’s horses.

Reaching Excellence

A selection of Elevage Delo-owned broodmares, with classic pedigrees, crossed to the best stallions, is carefully monitored at every stage of the process to reach horse breeding excellence.

The quality of care and labour, day after day, is the guiding thread at Elevage Delo. It transpires in training and indeed in breeding as well. As it is true that from the very beginning, breeding is where everything can be done or be undone. Elodie Mangeard de Barros is fully aware of it. She insists on paying attention to every minute detail leading to the whole, the ultimate goal of victory on the track; in other words, the final ruling at the racecourse. A demanding vision that fits like a glove. This born winner knows you never stop proving or questioning yourself and must strive to keep performing at the highest level in the business of horse racing and breeding.